“What have you done lately?”

by Greg Dodge 16. January 2013 22:25

 “What have you done lately?”


Your work has been recognized with awards. You’ve listened to customers, “heard” their problems in a whole new way and responded with innovative solutions. The media has given you your 15 minutes of fame. You’ve taken chances on being first, introducing new, unproven ideas. Your work has had significant impact in many peo­ple’s lives.

“OK, what have you done lately?”

Marketing effects take place over time. But in our micro­wave-fast, 4G-enabled society, we’ve come to focus almost exclusively on what’s immediately ahead of us. The new normal has minimal appreciation for what came before; it’s been replaced with short-term results. Next quarter’s numbers usurp what’s been accomplished.

Without minimizing the importance of focusing on the daily and weekly efforts that effect quarterly and annual numbers, maximum results are often found by tying in with past successes, establishing a company history that’s relevant and meaningful to today’s and tomorrow’s customers. This month’s incentives are important, but so is the prospective buyer’s peace of mind that comes from your company’s solid foundation (you’ll be there for them in the future). Prospects find it safer choosing to do busi­ness with a leader (minimizes risk). Many buyers embrace companies with a reputation for innovative solutions. Favorable press lends credibility and name recognition, numerous press features imply expertise.

So in looking forward, remember to also look back. What is there in your company’s history worth celebrating by keeping it at the forefront of your current marketing activities? By way of example, take a moment to review Design Basics’ short 30th Anniversary video.




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