Design trends and things we get asked to inlude on our home plans

by Greg Dodge 28. March 2012 08:33

Every week we are asked about cool new design trends or about new features we are including on our home plans.  Today and in future posts I will explore some of the new design trends and features we see and are working into our new home plans.


One of the things we are often asked about is separate vanities in the owners / master suite bath.  Dual vanities or vanities separated by a stack of drawers or cubbies are very common.  The thing we hear is "I want my own space - separate and distinct.  An interesting design concept is to plan the two sink areas back to back. This provides a great sense of separation and can foster additional creativity in the bathroom's overall design.



Here's a couple of examples and a floor plans which incorporates the back-to-back vanities.


 contemporary bathroom design by phoenix interior designer Ownby Design 



Example Artwork Contemporary bathroom design by phoenix interior designer Ownby Design





    Example home plan -- 50031


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