The Many Great Benefits of Rear-Entry Foyers

by Paul Foresman 23. October 2013 10:39
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Decade of Change | Design Trends | infographic | Organization | Rear entry foyer

Woman-Centric Matters!

by Greg Dodge 7. March 2013 08:47
What is the Woman-Centric Matters!® Approach? Our woman-centric approach is based on customer feedback, mostly from our women customers. We’ve been inspired to design our homes with innovative solutions for enhanced livability and style. We have a new understanding and appreciation for women’s preferences of products selected for the home. In addition, we help home builders and remodelers use this approach to: Take the customer’s experience from stressful to delightful. Accomplish more with their marketing dollars.   // Tweet     Click to enlarge   Embed this image on your site:


Decade of Change | infographic | Woman-Centric Matters

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