Designing, Building, and Selling Healthier Homes

by Michele Weaver 9. May 2016 16:24
Of all the ways builders try to differentiate themselves from the competition, one of the most underutilized is being known for building healthier homes. [More]

How many people does it take to change a light bulb...

by Greg Dodge 19. July 2012 08:12
  How many people does it take to change a light bulb...   When the bulb you are changing is at the top of a 17-foot-high ceiling in your great room?  While a few people have mastered the extension pole bulb replacement method, most of us have to get out an extension ladder so it takes at least 2 people to change a light bulb!       Therefore, it only makes sense to specify LED light bulbs that last 20 years or longer on average, for those hard-to-reach light fixtures.  Though more expensive to buy, they'll save money on electricity.  Plus, you won't have to get out the spackle and touch-up paint to repair the drywall nicks from carrying that extension ladder through the house!   RESOURCES    The Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting   Phillips LED Lighting    


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