FINALLY ABOUT ME® What is your new home personality?

by Greg Dodge 28. August 2012 14:07
You and your friends walk into a model home with a gorgeous fireplace flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows at the back of a tall great room. “Wow... [More]


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How many people does it take to change a light bulb...

by Greg Dodge 19. July 2012 08:12
  How many people does it take to change a light bulb...   When the bulb you are changing is at the top of a 17-foot-high ceiling in your ... [More]


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10 Things to Consider Before Signing the Dotted Line!

by Greg Dodge 20. June 2012 10:30
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ... [More]

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Tandem Garages - the new flex space?

by Greg Dodge 7. June 2012 14:36
While the debate rages on over garage size and placement (see this month's White Paper for solutions), an emerging concept is to design a tandem 3rd s... [More]


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How many times a week do you use the bath tub in your master bath?

by Greg Dodge 24. May 2012 12:36
Whether building a new home or remodeling, we spend a lot of money in our master baths. Most of them include a shower and a tub and many other ameniti... [More]


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Save your back and knees!

by Greg Dodge 9. May 2012 07:40
As I've aged my knees and back seem to be complaining more and more.  You'll be thankful if you look again at your dishwasher placement and the s... [More]


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What's your cost per square foot...

by Greg Dodge 27. April 2012 08:51 common in resale homes, but can be a very misleading question in new construction!  Why?       Different builders cal... [More]



Dual owner's suites

by Greg Dodge 9. April 2012 12:26
The popularity of homes with two master suites is growing rapidly.  Buyer profiles vary from households with aging parents or adult children shar... [More]


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Design trends and things we get asked to inlude on our home plans

by Greg Dodge 28. March 2012 08:33
Every week we are asked about cool new design trends or about new features we are including on our home plans.  Today and in future posts I will ... [More]


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Pick your lot and home plans very carefully!

by Greg Dodge 23. February 2012 14:03
  Shortly after my wife and I decided to build a home, on a nice February day, I stood up on our lot and surveyed the view.  No homes had be... [More]

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