Pick your lot and home plans very carefully!

by Greg Dodge 23. February 2012 14:03
  Shortly after my wife and I decided to build a home, on a nice February day, I stood up on our lot and surveyed the view.  No homes had been built, the development was covered in ankle deep snow and the view of the woods and lakes was awesome.   While I knew the view would not last as homes were built and the development filled in, I didn't account for one small aspect of our lot's location.  The lot is a pie shaped lot with the point of the pie curbside along the outside curve of the street.    So what you say.  What does it matter?  Here's what matters.   My 3-car garage requires a larger, wider driveway at the curb.  In and of itself, that's no big deal.  What I DID NOT account for in selecting the lot was how the snow plow would throw all that snow on my driveway.  Each time the plow comes around the curve, the snow literally flies of the edge of the blade and is piled high and deep on my driveway.   A couple of days before I left to travel to the 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, it snowed in Omaha.  It wasn't a lot of snow - maybe 6 or seven inches, but it was a heavy, wet snow.  So wet in fact my super-charged 24", dual stage snow-blower couldn't deal with it.  My kids and I ended up shoveling the mountain of snow at the curb by hand.   I know. I know.  It's a sad, sob story.  But here's my point - Pick your lot and home plan very carefully!  There are things you might not account for.  Things you will wish you had known.     Ask questions of your builder, your REALTOR, and your friends.  Don't end up cussing your choice every time is snows, rains or whatever.   When you built your home, what did you miss?  What's the one thing that bugs the crap out of you every single time you have to deal with it?

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