Do you have a new home buyers personality? Sure you do!

by Greg Dodge 6. February 2013 07:41
    Which word would you most likely use to describe your ideal home: “haven,” “showcase,” “unique,” or “carefree”? You see, the words we use reveal a lot about how we see ourselves and are a reflection of our personalities. In the same way, our personalities are reflected in our homes. After all, there are few places on Earth where you have as much freedom to be yourself than in your home! The neighborhood you choose…the home design you fall in love with…products and finishes you select for your home…even personal items you love to display...all of these reflect your personality. Many aspects of our lives are “learned”, but personality is a gift we were born with. And personality influences only grow stronger with age.     Even though our magazine "Her Home Magazine" is published from “her” perspective, all women don’t want to be thought of (or treated) the same. That truth inspired our woman-centric team at Design Basics to go deeper with their research into women’s preferences in the home, its design and products used, to look for personality-based influences. The research suggested four primary personas, and they were given names: Margo, Elise, Claire and Maggie.   A fun, interactive quiz (“Finally About Me!”) was developed to help women identify which of the four personas were closest to her personality. While no one is “purely” or “exclusively” one of the personas (to varying degrees, everyone is a blend of the different personas), quiz results identify the primary personality. It’s simply uncanny how knowing your personality helps you understand your preferences in home design and product choices. The quiz, which takes about 3 minutes, will likely save you hours by helping focus on your priorities and avoid wasting your time on things you’re probably not interested in. For more regarding the quiz and all four personalities, start HERE!   For more regarding the HER Home Magazine, start HERE!  

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Finally About Me

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