Rear Foyer Design

by Michele Weaver 30. June 2016 12:17
"Mudrooms” have transformed into “rear foyers,” reflecting buyer’s preferences and the reality that many of us use the entry from the garage much more often than the front door. [More]

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Design Trends | Destressing | HER HOME | Rear entry foyer

Kitchen Jewelry

by Michele Weaver 23. June 2016 16:10
Your hardware, such as cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls, speaks volumes about you. Sometimes referred to as the "jewelry of the kitchen," you can enhance or even create a special look that is distinctly you. [More]

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Design Trends | HER HOME | Kitchen Design

Say 'NO' to Boring Closet Design

by Michele Weaver 16. June 2016 15:16
We all wear clothes, so it would seem that the closet should be a pretty important space. Oftentimes it is the forgotten space--throw up some rods and maybe a few shelves and call it good. Your closet doesn't have to be boring. Why not make it your own and give it some flair AND functionality? [More]

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Design Trends | HER HOME | Master Bedroom Design | Organization

Laundry Room Design

by Michele Weaver 10. June 2016 14:03
Laundry rooms - we all need them, but have varying thoughts on placement and amenities. [More]

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Design Trends | HER HOME | Home Tips

Getting Noticed

by Michele Weaver 8. June 2016 16:01
How do you get people, especially the media, to notice what you’re doing? The following process isn’t rocket science and isn’t as high-tech as some, but it has worked: [More]

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General | home builders | Marketing

Beyond the Basics with Yen Gutowski

by Michele Weaver 8. June 2016 11:32
What do you like best about working at Design Basics? I really enjoy the people--even though we are a small company, we have a great team that works well together and takes enormous pride in all that we do. [More]

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Design with Entertaining in Mind

by Michele Weaver 2. June 2016 13:43
Our Livability at a Glance™ color coding for floor plans helps you quickly identify how each area of the home can be utilized. Areas shaded yellow are identified as spaces ideal for entertaining. [More]

Outdoor Entertaining

by Michele Weaver 19. May 2016 17:05
Whether it’s a front courtyard, expanded deck, or backyard barbecue, plan for outdoor entertaining when you are designing your new home! [More]

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Backyard | Design Trends | HER HOME | Patio | Porch

Designing, Building, and Selling Healthier Homes

by Michele Weaver 9. May 2016 16:24
Of all the ways builders try to differentiate themselves from the competition, one of the most underutilized is being known for building healthier homes. [More]

10 Things You Need to Consider in a Home Plan: Tips 6-10

by Michele Weaver 4. May 2016 13:50
Contemplating building a new home? Odds are your future looks bright! It all begins with a plan, and where you get your home plan matters! [More]

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